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All our rooms have a Nespresso coffee machine so you can enjoy a cup of coffee at any time of the day. The hotel offers you 4 complimentary capsules per day.

1 → Fill the tank with the water bottle. To remove the water tank, pull the lid.

2→ Turn on the machine. Flashing light: the machine needs approx. 25 seconds to warm up. Steady light: the machine is ready.

3 → Fully lift the lever and insert the capsule.

4 → Lower the lever and place a cup under the coffee spout.

5 → You can press the coffee button while the machine is heating up (flashing light). In that case, the coffee will come out automatically when the machine is ready.

6 → To prepare a Latte Macchiato, fold the drip rack and place it in an upright position. It will fall back when you remove the glass to prevent drops from falling onto the surfaces.

7 → Press the Espresso (40 ml) or Lungo (110 ml) button. Preparation will stop automatically. Press again to stop the flow of coffee or continue filling the cup.

8 → Remove the cup. Lift and close the lever to eject the capsule so that it falls into the used capsule container.